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25 July 2006 @ 06:55 pm
Welcome to Day 2  
It is now Day 2 on the tradeship Penetrator. :)

Please finish up all currently running threads.

... Which is what I'd say if we weren't all sticking to one huge thread. XD


Captain's orders as posted on the board in the messhall:

Seren, Andrej, Noork - Take a tour around the ship, get familiar with it. I'll call you to the Bridge when I'm ready to take off.

Go together or go alone, I don't care.

Andrej, we're considering making you head of maintenance, but if you could improve upon Teivel's cooking, that's be nice, too.

Here's hoping for more crew at the next planet.


Moderator's announcements:

Seren's been made a mod to perserve mine and Amanda's sanity.

I'll take this time to announce that we encourage one on one RPGs, especially since it's hard to keep everyone online for a long period of time.

Also, don't be afraid to jump right into the shounen-ai aspect of this. <.<; S'what the community is for.

And lastly, invite anyone that you think would make a good edition to the community to join us. The more people we have, the smoother this will run and the easier it'll be. :) Right now you guys are having to deal with the bumps and jars of the launching. XD;;

We're expecting I think three more members. That will help some things. We need more all-out semes. *pout* As happy as all the ukes and could-be-ukes make Leroy, it limits the couplings. XD

Thanks for dealing with us. ^^

EDIT: Aaaaaand I'm going home. Don't know when I'll be back so don't try to break the place while I'm gone.