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thepenetrator's Journal

Tales of the Penetrator
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Captain Leroy Brennus, the notorious leader of the tradeship Penetrator, is looking for a new crew. What happened to the old one... well, he won't say. Only his second-in-command, Teivel Morningstar, really knows.

He's hiring anyone who needs some extra cash. His workers can stay on as long or as briefly as they want. He just needs someone to carry supplies, operate the ship, and serve as public relations.

But here's the catch: Brennus only hires males. Males between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five.

As Teivel would warn anyone applying; "You must be this gay to ride this ride."

That's right, the crew of the spaceship Penetrator is subject to sexual attention (read "harrasment") by their captain, and possibly their fellow crewmates.

Join the voyage as this group of males embark on a journey where love is love and lust is most definately lust.


Okay, if you haven't figured it out from that ridiculous introduction, this is an RPG community. Not just any RPG community, a yaoi/slash community.

You are welcome to join if you agree with the following:

1.) Boys loving boys is great.

2.) Boys screwing other boys is great; possibly even better than the former.

3.) Homosexuality is not only natural, it's a way of life.

4.) The words sadomasichism, bondage and master/slave don't make your stomach churn.

5.) Drama is the key to any good story.

Still interested? Good. Here's the gist of it.

You're expected to make a character who is a male between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five. Everything about them is up to you. Appearance, past, personality. They just have to be gay (which includes those still in the closet). No mark-sues, AKA the boy version of a mary-sues. The characters must be human. This rule may change after the community has been established.

Still still interested? To join, please visit this site to view and fill out the application for your character. We, the moderators, may ask you the alter things, but we'll try to keep your character as intact as possible. :)

In case your wondering: Yes, there will be sex scenes. <.<;